Multilingual Voice Bank

Many years of experience

Professional voice overs from all over the world

Wide range of voices

Different generes, sexes, ages and backgrounds

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Professional Recording Studio

Built under the supervision of professionals 

Many years of experience

Professional sound engineers

High-quality equipment

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Recording Studio & Voice Bank

Recording Studio

Sight and hearing are a huge part of our sensory experience.
We are used to the fact that both these elements interact and are inseparable in the everyday world. 
Because of that, it is not enough to create something that only attracts our attention visually. 
We need something that will capture our hearing as well. 
Only then will we be able to fully communicate our intention to the recipients. 
The sound in the film/advert/clip builds the mood and evokes a huge part of the emotions
experienced by the recipient. 
Make sure that this SOUND resonates in the recipient's memory for a long time.

Voice Bank

To us, voice is not just the vibrations produced by the vocal cords.
Voice is emotion. Voice is a message.
Voice stimulates the senses and stirs the imagination.
It is through voice that we communicate with others and convey our intentions.
We can freely modulate its tone, timbre, volume and pitch.
We can change the intonation and pace.
With voice we can create reality.
Make sure that this VOICE best reflects your vision.

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Are you
a professional
voiceover artist?
Join our Voice Bank

All you have to do is fill out the application form and receive confirmation from us. We offer our clients a multilingual voice bank that increases their chances of gaining new customers! 

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What makes us unique?
Wide range of voices

Our voice bank contains male and female voices from over 40 countries. Each recording you get from us is already processed (compressed and equalized, with breathing edited out) AT NO EXTRA COST.


With us, you will have everything done in one place! We provide a comprehensive product: from voice selection, text creation, to recordings and their editing and post-production, selection or creation of music and sound recording, to the mixing and mastering of the entire recording.

Advise and many years of Experience

At each stage on the project, we offer advice on the selection of the best and most proven solutions. We adapt our solutions to the client’s budget and we are open to negotiation. We're not fixated on rigid pricing.


You can always count on our full commitment and creative approach to the project. We don't do mass production. We ensure an individual approach to your project. We come up with solutions to meet the needs of the client.